The Holy Way Missions and Ministries

We encounter Christ in those whom we meet through our missions,

and we serve them in the name of Jesus the Christ.

  • In our ministry to Altar Valley Middle School, we reach out to a population of students who, by and large, come out of an environment of poverty. This is a constituency which is near to the heart of Jesus, and near to our hearts. Our gifts to the students, school and to the teachers make it possible for the students to have a learning experience more like that of the students in wealthier school districts.  One of the aspects of this support is the purchase of Christmas gifts for students at the school. (JV)

  • In our mission in support of Café Justo, we encounter Jesus in the person of coffee farmers who have been in the past, and continue to be, at risk of exploitation by unscrupulous (or at least unsympathetic) coffee brokers. By using and selling Café Justo at The Holy Way, we stand in solidarity with those coffee farmers and all who work for Café Justo, doing our part to assure that they can remain on their own land and that they can live with dignity.

  • In our mission to the Southern Arizona Community Diaper Bank in Tucson: Although the Southern Arizona Community Diaper Bank provides diapers for all age groups, we support those who require adult diapers and whose financial situation makes it difficult for them to buy the supplies they need. As we seek to protect their dignity and their health, we encounter Jesus in them.

  • In our mission to the Tohono O’Odham nation, through Papago United Presbyterian Church in Sells, Arizona, we encounter a community which has been historically marginalized and disadvantaged. We seek to bring warmth in a quite literal way with our drive for warm coats, sweaters, hats and jackets in the fall. We feel that our love is shared as these items are shared with those in need.

  • By our participation in Interfaith Community Services, we join with Christians and others of good conscience in feeding the hungry and comforting those in need. We encounter Jesus in our sisters and brothers in the ministry, as well as those who are the beneficiaries of our mission

  • In our support for Tucson Borderlands Young Adult Volunteers we encounter young women and men who are exploring their lives of faith and God’s call in this region. We encourage them and support them, understanding that they are our younger brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • In our mission to the Friends of Robles Food and Clothing Bank, gift cards are donated at Christmas. We have partnered with the local Fire Department by donating toys at Christmas as well.

  • In our mission to support the local community’s food needs, we maintain a small food closet in the Ranch House. People do not need to be church members to receive food donations. Church members bring nonperishable food for the food closet the first Sunday of the month. The overflow food is delivered to Friends of Robles Food Bank.

  • In our mission to the community, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al- Anon usually meet weekly in the Ranch House. They have not been meeting recently due to the social distancing requirement from the COVID-19.

  • In our mission to the community at large, special donations are collected throughout the year that go toward feeding the hungry and helping those affected by natural disasters.

  • In our mission to support those in sorrow, the Prayer Shawl Ministry provides either hand-made shawls or lap robes to encircle with love, prayer and energy those who are going through trying times. These can also be given to those celebrating milestones in their lives.

  • In addition to the above, we support the missions of our denomination through the Presbytery de Cristo, Synod of the Southwest, and the General Assembly.

  • In our mission to honor deceased members, a memorial plaque is in the Narthex with the engraved names of each departed soul.